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If your business is moving in the direction of other businesses, it is likely you allow some employees to telecommute, work hours outside the normal 8-to-5 shift and do business on their smartphones. There is also increasing likelihood that some portion of your workforce is traveling cross country or working globally. All this adds up to 24/7 work. Since the workforce is so mobile, it’s only natural employees want mobile access to corporate forms, information and training. Are you ready to meet their needs?

Getting an Attitude

The convergence of millennials and technology in the workforce is bringing change. Millennials want more control over their time and working style, and the availability of sophisticated technology is a major impetus. They want remote database access and self-service input, accessed via easy-to-use apps on mobile technology. Their attitude towards technology explains why telecommuting has risen to comprise 37 percent of U.S. workers, according to a Gallup poll.

Mobile technology is fairly new to the technology scene, but it is already well-embedded in the workplace. Once millennials fell in love with the flexibility smartphones offer for accessing information, they knew they could work from any location. It didn’t take long to ask employers for access to business information and systems via mobile technology.

Changing Technology Perspective

You can offer a customized employee application that gives your staff quick access to the information and forms that keep things running smoothly, like travel reports, corporate announcements, employee contact directory, health and wellness programs, project information, training and much more. An app increases productivity and efficiency, turns a tech convenience into an engagement tool and reduces the cost of communicating with employees.

The shifting perspective is driving a new generation of apps that increase productivity, promote employee work-life balance, make work information accessible 24/7, allow digital signatures for efficiency and integrate with backend data systems. The apps enable your employees to hone in on the desired information on an intranet, saving time that would have been spent doing complicated searches or ferreting out paperwork.

Remember All Your Employees

Every day, more employers are instituting a BYOD or Bring Your Own Device Policy to ensure employees can access enterprise data and systems, and that makes millennials quite happy. However, it is largely becoming a three-generation workforce, and 68 percent of all U.S. adults own a smartphone. Don’t overlook the fact that Baby Boomers and Gen X are technologically proficient also, and are enjoying the flexibility mobile technology is bringing to the workplace.

The Author

Pooneet Goel is the CEO and Co-Founder of Verecho Inc which provides a next generation Employee Directory solution integrated with all your cloud systems and deployable in hours. You can reach him here.